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A Remarkably Diverse and Beautiful Region

On a day around Katherine we regularly see 100 species

Gouldian Finch
Big Day Out Tour

A great day out, from sun up to after sun down visiting a large number of local sites within 1 hour of Katherine. We view over 100 species regularly. Highlights are: Gouldian Finch, Hooded Parrot, Northern Crested Shrike-tit and Red Goshawk.
We can arrange to transfer you from Darwin or Kakadu or even organise to do a short tour off the Ghan when it stops in Katherine.
Cost: AUD$280.00

If you would like to upgrade to a customised itinerary to go further afield, extra days will see us traveling to the Flora River, Kakadu and the Victoria River District – even across to Lake Argyle in WA.

Great-billed Heron
3 Day Katherine River, Woodlands & Ecotones Tour

An opportunity to observe species from a different and rewarding platform. This 3 day program will include 1 day and night of canoeing/kayaking and walking along the Katherine River and its Ecotones and 2 days of walking and/or driving in the woodlands of the region. We access private land and large pastoral leases, not open to the general public, which ensures that we avoid overcrowded areas.
Traveling along the river presents many opportunistic sightings of a wide array of bird species. The diversity of species here is attributed to not only the water, but to the Ecotones or ‘transitional areas’, where species diversification occurs (Redreau). We see waders and waterbirds, raptors, grassland and woodland birds, all whilst spending time in the intimate surrounds of the river.
Cost: AUD$1500.00

Banded Fruit Dove
Private Guiding

We are nestled in a region surrounded by endemic and endangered species. We are able to customise an itinerary which will be focused on these species, or a species which is of particular interest to you. These may include; Red Goshawk, Hooded Parrot, Purple-crowned Fairy-wren, White-throated Grasswren or Gouldian Finch. Contact us and we will tailor an itinerary to find what you are looking for.

Our Private Guiding rate includes a Guide and a vehicle for a 10 hour day and 500km of travelling. Extensions for the day (up to 2hours) are charged at $180 per hour and includes an extra 100km. Maximum numbers in a vehicle are 4, however, a vehicle may ‘tag along’ for $660 per day.
Cost: From AUD $880.00 per day

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We look forward to showing you some great birds and are sure you will love the beautiful landscape and other stunning wildlife that we will see along the way.